protective and therapeutic effect of omega_3 against nephrotoxicity

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faculty of veterinary medicine mansoura university , biochemistry department


Objective: to determine the therapeutic and protective effects of omega 3 on the cisplatin induced renal toxicity in albino rats.

Design: Randomized controlled study.

Animal: 50 adult male albino rats weighting (200-230 g).

Procedures: There was five groups of rats for control, omega 3 ingested, cisplatin injected, cisplatin injected then treated with omega 3 and omega 3 ingested then injected with cisplatin. After 5 weeks of follow up the serum levels of creatinine, uric acid, LDH, LDL, TG, TC, MAD, SOD, CAT and GSH were determined.

Results: there was significant (Pvalue<0.001) increase in serum levels of creatinine, uric acid, LDH, LDL, TG, TC and MAD and decrease in levels of SOD, CAT and GSH in the cisplatin injected animals without omega 3 ingestion. However these parameters were improved in the omega 3 treated animals and especially in the protective group that gave values resembling the control groups.

Conclusion and clinical relevance: We concluded that omega 3 is a very useful
protective and to some extent therapeutic agent against cisplatin induced renal


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