Volume & Issue: Volume 20, Issue 1, March 2019 
Pharmacological studies on Ceftiofur in sheep

Pages 50-56

Nourhan Lutfi; Reham El-Shafe; Mohamed El- Diasty; Mohamed El-sayed

Assessment of cardiac indices using M-mode echocardiography in horse with tachycardia

Pages 1-5

Mohamed Youssef; Medhat Nassif; sabry El-khodery; Maged El-ashker; Alshimaa Farag

Pharmacological Studies on Marbofloxacin on Diarrheic Calves

Pages 6-13

Mohamed El-sayed; Rasha El- taysh; Ayat Abd el-Rahman

Ameliorative effects of flaxseed and soybean oils on male rats fertility

Pages 67-74

Sally Mohsen; Shaimaa a El-Sayed; Mohamed El-Adl; Mohammed Fouda; El-Said El-Sherbini