Evaluating and improving the beef quality of freshly dressed cattle carcasses at old – fashioned abattoirs of both Dakahlia and Damietta provinces.

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1 Department of Control and Food Hygiene, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Mansoura University, Egypt

2 food hygiene and control department, Mansoura university

3 Department of food Hygiene, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine , Mansoura University, Mansoura 35516, Egypt


Objective: To evaluate the quality of beef taken from the freshly dressed cattle carcasses at old – fashioned abattoirs.

Samples: 144 samples

Procedure: All samples were collected from 4 different sites (round- flank- shoulder- neck) of every dressed carcass on one side (right or left) – before any decontamination treatment as well as further 4 samples taken from the same carcass after being decontaminated on the other corresponding side (right or left).

Results: Plates of count agar medium showed the intensities of aerobic mesophilic bacteria – before a sole decontamination treatment as mean levels of 1.27×108 CFU/cm2 on rounds, 1.2×108 CFU/cm2 on flanks, 1.37×108 CFU/cm2 on shoulders and 1.45×108 CFU/cm2 on necks, wereas such levels after a sole decontamination treatment were 7.63×107 , 7.22×107 , 9.01× 107 and 8.91× 107 on the same corresponding sites of these carcasses with reduction percentages 40%, 40%, 35% and 39% ,respectively. Plates of violet red bile glucose agar medium showed the mean populations as CFU/cm2 of enterobacteriaceae as 1.1×105, 1.03×105, 9.11×104, 1.25×105 on the identical sites before decontamination in addition to 7.62×104, 6.33×104, 5.72×104, 8.67×104 on the same surfaces after decontamination treatment with reduction percentages 31%, 39%, 38% and 31%, consecutively.Dichloran rose bengal chloramphenicol agar plates revealed the levels /cm2 for both moulds &yeasts as 1.08×102&4.13×10 on rounds, 7.19×10&3.65×10 on flanks, 7.7×10&3.76×10 on shoulders and 1.06×102 &4.71×10 on necks – before decontamination treatment plus 5.92×10 &1.74×10 on rounds, 3.39×10 &1.36×10 on flanks, 3.49×10 &1.31×10 on shoulders and 2.12×10 &4.71×10 on necks after decontamination treatment,


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