Temporary penile urethral stent placement procedure as a treatment of penile urethral obstruction in Intact Tom Cats.

Document Type : Case Reports


1 Cats & Dogs Veterinary Hospital Shorouk City

2 Cats & Dogs veterinary Hospital, Shorouk City, Cairo, Egypt


Objective: The treatment of penile urethral obstruction in Tom Cats with no response to catheterization by placing a temporary urethral stent to avoid going through perineal urethrostomy or preputial urethrostomy.
Design:Case Study (April 2015 – June 2021)
Animals:14 Intact Tom Cats.
Procedures:In the current study, fourteen male cats with obstructed urethras with no response to catheterization were subjected to intervention using a temporary urethral stent. Cases were observed for 10 days postoperative, monitoring blood creatinine level after operations and cases had follow up visits for a year on monthly basis for checkup the subjects’ lifestyle.
Results:The procedure was successfully performed, and cats restored their normal lifestyle. Unfortunately, 2/14 cases died at days 9 and 11 after the operation. Both cases show no decrease in blood creatinine levels at day 2 and day 4 after operation as other subjects did.
Conclusion and clinical relevance:Temporary penile Urethral stent provided a fast less complicated solution for intact tom cats from urine retention with subjects going back to their normal lifestyle after 10 days, avoiding going through perineal urethrostomy or preputial urethrostomy. Temporary Urethral stent could be considered as a treatment for penile urethral obstruction before going to perineal urethrostomy or preputial urethrostomy for treatment penile urethral obstruction.


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