Clinicopathological studies on diagnosis of listeriosis in ossimi sheep

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Between (November 2008-March 2009) a number of 48 Ossimi sheep age (6-12 months) have nervous manifestation and investigated for suspect listeriosis. The dis­ eases sheep were treated with ampicillin and blood sample were collectedfrom all dis­ eases sheep before start the treatment. Diagnosis was achieved by physical examina­ tions, clinical fmdings, isolation and identffication of microorganism, laboratory investigations The selected sheep were categorized into survived group and non sur­ vived group in addition to the control group. Oxidative stress and antioxidant parameters, our results show that SOD, and NO were significant elevated in both responsive and non responsive treatment groups while MDA is significant increased only in non responsive treatment group in compare with control group. Total protein, CK, uric acid, urea and creatinine result show signifi­ cant elevated in blood level in non-survived group in compare with control one. Regard­ ing to the leukogram there is leukocytosis, neutrophUia in responsive treatment group and lymphopenia in non-responsive group. In conclusion the oxidative stress, and antioxidant blood parameters are valuable in prognosis the listeriosis in Ossimi sheep < /span>


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