A survey of tumors affecting cattle, buffaloes and sheep, in El-Dakahlyia Governorate

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Department of Pathology, Fac. Vet. Med, Mansoura University


In a 2-year survey of tumors occurring in ruminants reared in El-Dakahlyia Governorate, Egypt during the period from October 2016 to October 2018. 66 tumor masses were collected: 60 from cattle, 2 from buffaloes and 4 from sheep. According to histopathology of cattle tumors, 15 neoplasms were diagnosed as cutaneous papilloma, 5 neoplasms were diagnosed as cutaneous fibropapillomas, 25 neoplasms were diagnosed as squamous-cell carcinoma (SCC) of the eye; 8 neoplasms were diagnosed as SCC of perineum, 1 neoplasm was diagnosed as SCC in skin of muzzle, 2 neoplasms were diagnosed as epulis in dental pad, 2 neoplasms were diagnosed as vaginal leiomyoma, 1 neoplasm was diagnosed as fibroma and 1 neoplasm was diagnosed as liposarcoma. Histopathology of buffalo tumors revealed SCC in head skin (1 case) and buccal cavity (1 case). Histopathology of sheep tumors revealed SCC in skin under the tail (2 cases), skin of groin (1 case) and skin of abdomen (1 case). In conclusion, cattle (60/66) were more susceptible to tumors than buffaloes (2/66) and sheep (4/66). Females accounted for a higher percentage of the neoplasms (47/66) than males (19/66). Adult animals aged above 2 years were more frequently affected than young. The occurrence of epithelial tumors (60/66) was greater than the mesenchymal tumors (6/66). The most common epithelial tumors were ocular SCC and cutaneous papilloma. Number of malignant tumors (41/66) was higher than number of benign tumors (25/66). Variable degrees of bovine SCC differentiation were detected. Meanwhile ovine SCC appeared only well differentiated.


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