Ringworm in dogs

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Dermatophytosis is a common self limiting zoonotic fungal disease which coused by infection of certain types of dermatophyte (1,2).that fungi of 3 fundamental genera specifically, Microsporum, Trichophyton and epidermophyton.

We wont wait its self limiting cause it Causes economic losses. That disease spread fastly amoung all existing dogs and may be owners. And take an extended time in treatment.

Dermatophytosis is generally called as ringworm. And that is visibly portrayed by multi-focal alopecia and hulls on the skin with a selected formation (3,4).

This infection has gained specific attention publicly health, because it distributed all over the world. After touching the contaminated items or specimens, similar to hair, soil or outside on the epidermal layer of diseased animals, infection of dermatophytosis in human happen –(5).

We have noted a big increase in annual cases od dermatophytosis in all species humans and animals particularly dogs&cats (6). Scientists noted that dermatophytosis's cases are more predominant in little and female cat than male cat.

In Indonesia, much researches has been done on dogs shows that : in Yogyakarta, Indonesia (34%) of dogs were positive of dermatophytosis (7). While that number ranges from 20%to30% in Europe (8).

The results of different investigations recognized that main species causing dermatophytosis in small animals is microsporum-canis in 81.8%to97% of total cases (1,2,6).

The occurrence of zoonotic dermatophytes, in dogs&cats and human compared with different species, m. Canis was the most awesome (60%) (9).

We can modulate the immune-response by giving significant level of cortisol throughout along period.


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