Microbiological evaluation of domiate cheese in mansoura city

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Atotal of one hundred random samples, of dominate cheese (white soft cheese) wer collected from different localities in mansoura city, El-Dakhalia governorate to be examined for the incidence of total aerobic count, coliforms, ture faecal E.coli, Staph. Aureus and total mould and yeast count. The obtained results revealed that the mean value was 1.9-10-1.6-10 7.210and 4.610 of the examined sample, respectively. While their incidence were 100.69,45,and 88% o the collected sample, respectively. Grading examined dominate cheese according to egyption standard for total coliforms count, true faecal type E.coli, Staph. Aureus and total mould and yeast count found the percent of acceptable samples were 54%, 55%, 36% and 22% from the total exmined samples, respectively, while unacceptable samplewere 46, 45, 64 and 88% of examined samples, respectively.grading of examined domitate cheese according toUKmicrobiological standard were 59%, 97%, 79% of sample are satisfactory for total staph. Aureus E.coli and coliforms count respectively, while 41%, 3% and 21% of sample are unsatisfactory, respectively.


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