Effect of progesterone on some fertility performances in cattle

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1 Department of Pharmacology Faculty of Vet. Med. Mansoura University. Egypt

2 Animal Health Research Institute, Mansoura Provincial Lab., Egypt


Our experiment was conducted at a special dairy farm in Dakahlia Governorate between the periods (March –May 2018), This farm consisted of 400 Holestien cows; from the total of the animals only 210 lactating cows. The established experiment applied on 40 cows suffered from different types of anestrum detected by ultrasonography as follow (15 cows suffer from cystic ovary, 15 cows suffer from smooth inactive ovaries and 10 cows suffer from persist corpus luteum to study the effect of progesterone device insertion in dairy cattle and its effect in fertility. On day 0, cattle at random stage of estrous cycle received controlled internal drug release vaginal insert (CIDR).We left the CIDR in the vagina for seven days as we inject PGF2 on day 6 and remove the CIDR on day 7, blood samples were collected from 25 animals at zero day, 3rd, 7th and 9th day from the tail vein, and then we follow the estrous and detected the estrus cow for AI and apply ultrasonography for pregnancy diagnosis after 30 day from insemination From this study it was concluded that the use of progesterone for 7 days +i.m. injection of PGF2α in the 7th day can applied to dairy cattle to restart ovarian activity and it is an effective treatment for different infertility cases like cystic ovarian disease, persist corpus luteum and smooth in active ovaries. Moreover present study provides evidence for the importance of prior exposure to progesterone for cows to express estrous behavior, increase number of pregnant animals and increase conception rate.


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