Infertility is the most common problem threatened promotion of livestock in Egypt .this study was performed to get in sight the causes and available attempt for solving a problem of anestrus in buffalo –cows ,under a field condition , through the applications of some available hormonal medicaments. On the other hand, to achieve an economic benefit particularly to the small farmer at Dakahlia province . The work was conducted on 80 mature female buffalo –cows of 4-8 year of age and kept under village system in Dakahlia province and suffering from inactive ovaries (40 animals) or palpable corpora leutea{CL} (40 animals) according gynecological examination . all experimental animals showed anestrous for more than 6 months post partum and gynecological examination not revealed any pathological abnormalities in genital tract. Each group was divided into 4 subgroup that incloud 10 animals . sub group (I):- receiving prostaglandin (PGF2α) only ,sub group (II) :- receiving PGF2α plus estradiol , Subgroup (III) :- receiving PGF2α and synthetic gonadotrophin –releasing factor (Gn-RH) ans sub group (IV) receiving Gn-RH only . blood samples were collected from Jugular vein immediately before treatment and just at the appearance of heat .serum was separated and subjected to biochemical and hormonal assay. The results revealed that ,significant decrease in serum progesterone level of animals with inactive ovaries and treated with PGF2α alone. while , progesterone level significantly decreased in animals with palpable CL and treated with PGF2α in combination with estradiol . serum estrogen levels showed significant decrease only incase of animals treated only with PGF2α . Serum calcium levels showed significant decreases in inactive ovaries, 96 animals and treated with PGF2α in combination with Gn-RH . in-organic phosphorous levels significantly decrease in both groups treated either with PGF2α alone or in combination with Gn-RH . On the other hand , serum magnesium show significant decrease as the result of treating animals of inactive ovaries by PGF2α alone while ,significant increases were found in animals with palpable CL treating with PGF2α with estradiol . We concluded that , administration of PGF2α in combination with estradiol is the beast treatment used in buffalo –cows with palpable CL however, PGF2α alone showed high efficiency in treatment animals suffering from inactive ovaries.