1 Anim. Husb. And Anim. Wealth Dev. Dept. Fac. Of Vet. Med. Mansoura Univ.

2 Anim. Husb. And Anim. Wealth Dev. Dept. Fac. Of Vet. Med. Alex. Univ.


This study aimed to investigate the difference in productivity between different broiler breeds and their effect on productive and economic efficiency of broiler farms through studying, the effect of most important factors that may affect broiler farm production (season of production, broiler breed and system of housing) and the effect of breed among different seasons and housing systems on total return, total costs and net profit. Also, the effect of veterinary management (Drugs, vaccines, disinfectant, and veterinary supervision), mortality rate, marketing age, marketing weight and marketing price of Kg meat on farm production were evaluated. This study was carried out during the period from 2012 – 2015 on random cycles of broiler farms in four different Provinces including Dakahlia, Kafr Elsheikh, Gharbiya and Sharqia. Our study concluded that, in order to gain high profits from broiler farming, it is important to achieve productive and economic efficiency. Also, It was found that the best economical broiler breeds in the study were Sasso, Ross and Hubbard breeds where the high total return and net profit were obtained. On the other hand, winter season was better than summer season for broiler production, where the farm gave higher total return and net profit. In broiler production the veterinary management inputs (vaccines, drugs, veterinary supervision and disinfectants) were very important and represented about 13% from the total variable cost


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