Application of complement fixation and immunoassay tests in comparison with serum agglutination test for the serodiagnosis of brucellosis in Bulls in Egypt

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A 120 bull serum and 114 related serminal plasma samples were examined serolgically with Rose Bengal Plate Test (RBPT), Serum Agglutination Test (SAT), Complement Fixation Test (CFT) and Enzyme Linked Immuno Sorbant Assay (ELISA). THE results revealed that 62 serum and only 4 seminal plasma samples were reacted with different serological test, while 58 serum and 110 seminal plasma samples were non reactors. The serum samples were reactors as the following 47 ( 39.2%) with RBPT, 48 (40%) with SAT, 54 (45%) with CFT and 51 (42.5%) with ELISA. Results showed that official serological tests for testing bulls in Egypt are not enough and authors recommened the use of at least two serological test such as CFT and ELISA in addition to the official agglutination tests for confirmation of tested serum and semen plasma samples of bulls


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